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Welcome to Pi Phi Omega Chapter

On Mission, On Purpose

Serving the Northeast, Queens Community since 1987


President's Message


As the 12th President of Pi Phi Omega Chapter, it is an honor and privilege to serve in this capacity for the next two years, as I follow eleven distinguished women who served the chapter before me.  I am committed to ensuring that our chapter continues to provide a legacy committed to fostering the best educational, economic and health options to encourage the best quality of life for Northeast Queens residents and beyond. It is with “mane” and “might” that I strive to make an imprint on how this chapter resonates in the organization’s future.

The Pi Phi Omega Chapter has been serving northeast Queens since 1987. We are a small chapter having some to believe that we are not able to contribute our efforts as well as larger chapters of our organization. While Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated is far more than the sum of its parts, the ripple effects of our small chapter are extraordinary. The chapter is indebted to our founders, and the commitment of “Service to All Mankind” has allowed Pi Phi Omega chapter to serve in our new international program theme, Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service.

As you spend more time with us, you will witness a sisterhood of love, rich friendships, and mutual support as you connect with us as we serve excellence together. We look forward to seeing you soon.



Dr. Geneine Morris

meet the Executive team


For more information about us, news, and events we have planned, visit: 

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